Alienware Aurora R7 review – The Best Gaming Rig in 2020

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Alienware Aurora R7 review

If you need a system with lots of potential, solid graphics, and a way to being upgraded. Alienware Aurora R7 is built for you.

I think you’ll agree with me if I say: You have to buy a pre-built gaming PC if you really want to run your favorite games on ultra settings. You know it; it’s tough to play high graphic games on lows specification PC.

Let be honest; we have tried a number of pre-built gaming PCs. But truth be told, many of them were too expensive, poorly designed, and they were pretty hard to upgrade.

Want to know the best part?

Alienware Aurora R7 CPU
Alienware Aurora R7 CPU front look

We got purchased Alienware aurora R7 that is powered by intel Corei7-8700 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, 2TB Hardrive coupled with 16 GB (DDR4) RAM.

We tried almost all the latest games in high settings, and to be honest; this competent gaming rig is most suitable for those who want beast!

You might ask, “Alienware Aurora R7  is a bit expensive. Well, let me explain it to you. Its impressive specs, sleek design, and fast multi-tasking worth money and deserves your attention.

Do you want to read a definitive guide on Alienware Aurora R7 gaming PC? Are these specifications can run 4k games? Should you buy this system to run heavy Software?

Let’s break each element down:

Design-Everything you need out of the Box 

Alienware Aurora R7 case

If we talk about its winning design, Alienware Aurora R7 is entirely different. It’s sleek, highly customizable, and can handle everything you’ll throw at it with ease.

Apart from its futuristic design, it comes with svelte and silver panels and LED lights that are fixed in the front and back. You can also change these RGB lights, whatever you want.

Thanks to the command center app, you can configure these lights without breaking any sweat. Plus, to make it portable, it has a sturdy handle at the top that helps you to move it around quickly.

To connect your device effortlessly, it has ten ports at the back and three more on the front. Besides, USB-C ports can help you to connect new drives to your system. The microphone and headphones jacks are also accessible.

The front ports are super easy to access and provide you ease while connecting Oculus w/ 3 sensors, racing wheel, and other peripherals without having to swap ports all the time.

The interesting is, without using your toolbox; you can open R7 with a simple pull of leaver on the back of the PC. Use two switches which are available on the back of the PC to remove the power supply. Inside the machine, there are 3 fans fixed to maintain the temperature of your PC.

Thanks to its simple design, you’re smart to connect multiple monitors, external drives without going to hot water.

It lightweight (only 32.7 pounds) makes it perfect for those who are looking for a lightweight PC and want to take their game to another level.

Performance -Run any Game you through at it

Alienware Aurora R7 full setup

Say thanks to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB graphics card with an 8th generation processor. This machine provides a light fast experience. It comes equipped by two open bays for 2.5″ solid-state drives and two accessible memory slots holding up to 64GB of RAM that makes you energetic to play your favorite games at high resolution.

Moreover, It has the ability to run dozens of browser tabs while downloading 60 GB game at the same time. Besides, M.2 PCIe SSD increasing the speed of the operating system and makes it perfect for running the extra intensive task as well.

No doubt, this machine is simply workhorse and specially designed to allow’s fast multitasking. By using Alienware software, you’re able to check the thermal and fan status of your system. The cooling fan is a bit noisy, but it doesn’t disturb you while working.

Whether you want to play Assassins Creed Origins, Far Cry 5, Fortnite, or PUBG on ultra settings, this gaming gear won’t let you down.

So, if you need a system with lots of potential, solid graphics, and a way to being upgraded. This system is just incredible.

Easy to Upgrade -Even Newbies can do it

Alienware Aurora R7 review -Best Gaming Rig in 2020
Alienware Aurora R7 gaming setup

Thanks to its tool-less design, you can effortlessly upgrade/remove parts. Plus, its plenty of size allows you to add new components simply. That is the time where gamers get the plus point.

Moreover, you can replace, remove, or upgrade hard drive up to 2tb itself. The hard drive is simply fixed beneath the power supply.

To add additional GPU, sound card, or other helpful components, you’re smart to use the PCI-E X4 slot and a second PCI-E X16 slot. Likewise, if you want to upgrade your system Ram up to 32 GB, then you can use additional slots. These slots are fixed at the left side of the multi-core process along with memory modules and 5 storage drives.

Plug and play Setup 

Alienware Aurora R7 Ports and slots

Do you think doing setup is rocket science? Let me clear this confusion. You don’t need to attempt a long course for it. Simply Place your PC and connect it to the power cable. Now plug-in monitor cable to the back of your PC then adds mouse and keyboard. And bada bing bada boom, you’re set.

A bit Pricey But Worth Attention

If we compare Aurora R7 to another pre-built computer, we come to know – R7 is a bit expansive, which is available at $1,599 on Amazon. We agree that you’ll pay a healthy amount for it, but on the other hand, you’ll get a warranty and the best gaming rig!

However, if you haven’t much money to rub together, building a low spec PC setup would be an excellent idea for you. But if you want a machine that has the potential to run every game on high FPS, then Alienware aurora R7 is unbeatable.

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Final verdict:

A beautiful thing is never perfect. Same as the case, the Alienware Aurora doesn’t come with perfectibility, but it is still best for those who want a plug and play rig. Admittedly, its price tag is a little higher but in contrast, you can get futuristic design and excellent quality. Its upgradability and unique features that’s all we need.

With help for Intel’s 8th Gen Core processors and Nvidia’s GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards, it has the potential to run significant Software efficiently like Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, and so on.

To top it all, it runs all high-resolution games on high FPS without any glitches and gives exceptional experience to the user. We won’t say the cooling fan is quiet enough during the game. But due to the Alienware command center, you can monitor your thermal and manually adjust your fan profile. No doubt, this machine is a perfect mix of design, performance, and upgradability.

So, if you’re looking for a gaming rig that’s required no tools during upgrading, boots up beautifully, and run games smoothly on 4k monitor, then buying  R7 is the lifetime deal.


Mubeen Shahjahan is a graduate of Virtual University in Software engineering. He is a passionate techs geek, talking about various kinds of computer products and guiding others to the treasures.